30 Days of Writing

September 5 - October 5, 2016 & Beyond

  •  Work, tell & sell your story. 
  •  Trust your voice. 
  •  Write every day. 
  •  Get unstuck.
  •  Take creative action. 
  •  Train your mind. 
  •  Give & receive constructive feedback.
  •  Turn your heart into art.
  •  Boost your creativity. 
  •  Overcome your blocks. 
  •  Improve your writing & communication skills. 
  •  Get inspired & empowered. 
  •  Go from Survival to Aliveness. 
  •  Connect with like-minded creators worldwide.
  •  Turn your passion into a priority. 

Your only time is NOW. Answer your Call to Art.

Write Yourself Alive is an inspiring worldwide 30-Day Writing E-course, Creativity Challenge & Communication Bootcamp that has helped thousands of Writers & Creative Warriors around the world to overcome creative blocks, fall (back) in love with Writing, communicate with intention, clarity & passion, and connect with like-minded Artists, Creators and Communicators, worldwide.  

It's a unique, all-genre & all-level Writing Marathon for Creatives from all walks of life -- designed to fit into any schedule, lifestyle, or creative practice.  

This Writing Adventure will help you get unstuck and remove blocks standing in the way of your creative evolution; start or complete the writing projects you have put away or don't have the courage to begin; (re)discover & strengthen your voice as a writer, re-commit to your creative mission & vision, as well as take life-changing action, every single day.

We believe that writing is a lifetime Love Affair with Art & Language, not a one-night stand with fate. We also believe that writers become writers not by luck or wishfulness or chance, but through a daily, perseverant and committed practice. 

Talent and inspiration don't amount to much without discipline, a strong will and the commitment to begin (again). This 30-Day Creative Marathon will help you practice writing as a daily habit, with passion and intensity, and further stick to it for months -- and years to come.

If you are a Creator, Writer, Artist or Communicator of any kind and when you check your pulse, you test positive for any of the following symptoms...

... then Write Yourself Alive's 30 Days of Writing might be your best creative medicine and writing vitamin:  

You use writing as the backbone of your Communication: whether it's through books, blogging, online publishing, or any other Work with Words, you are essentially a Content Creator who wishes to expand creatively, and improve your writing & communication skills. 

You've been feeling stuck, blocked or empty. You know this is not your natural state of aliveness, yet you can't quite find enough willpower to let go of what is holding you back, to throw yourself into a new dream, and move on to the next phase of your creative evolution.  

You love learning. You are a Deeply Curious Student of Life, constantly educating yourself, training your mind, expanding your vision, growing your influence, creating your world, one act of trust & courage at a time.  

You doubt yourself & your creative worth more often than you'd openly admit. You don't quite trust your calling, your passion, your truth. Your voice is shaky. You're scared of losing, yet even more scared of not trying. You yearn to discover your true strength. 

You crave depth & substance, life-changing experiences, uplifting connections, living an inspiring and inspired life. You're tired of the superficial, flashy fast-food for the soul that makes you starve on empty pixels. 

You feel distracted from your calling, lost or at a crossroads, saturated by what you already know. Just as a part of you is ready to sail the beautiful unknown, another is held back by the uncertainty surrounding you.  

You've exhausted your spirit with your long list of to-do's and compromises, you've ignored your heart and traded your creative aliveness for an uneventful, comfortable or "safe" form of emotional or financial survival. 

You often feel lonely and misunderstood in your creative pursuits. You crave connection with a group of like-minded dreamers & doers who share a passion for creating like their life depended on it (because it does), who can understand your restlessness, appreciate your progress & accept your weirdness. You want to be uplifted, challenged & supported by a community of soulful creative troublemakers like yourself. 

Through daily practice, exercises, prompts & inspiration + weekly masterclasses + special bonus workshops + 24/7 support & interaction... these 30 days Days of Writing will help you:

  • Unblock, unleash & free your inner artist by accepting your gifts, owning your creative power, reclaiming your right to write, and practicing your craft every single day. 
  • Overcome your doubt & fear through creative action and alchemize your weakness into strength. Get unstuck and break through your perceived creative limitations.
  • Become intentional, proactive and professional about your love affair with writing, reassess your mission & vision, set your next creative goals and start taking actionable steps towards them. 
  • Develop the Habit to Create every single day, rekindle your flame and turn your passion into a priority, instead of merely an option.  
  • Dig deeper into your core story, get reacquainted with your purpose, and learn to operate as the Creator of Your Life vs. a Victim or mere Survivor of your circumstances. 
  • Acquire useful writing skills, marketing tools, and valuable resources that will help you turn your words into worlds and create financial freedom from your passion.  
  • Connect with like-minded creators, artists, writers & communicators from all over the world. Some of the deepest and most creatively fulfilling connections have been made in our virtual classrooms. 

The 30 Days of Writing Core Program will provide you with helpful, inspiring & actionable tools to jumpstart your creative process, reignite your passion & train your mind, wherever you're at in your Writing Journey.

Our All-NEW Core Program includes:  

30 Daily Soulsheets with inspiration, exercises, writing prompts, and daily check-ins for your writing. 

2 Masterclasses that will train & strengthen your creative muscle, increase your confidence, and help you fine tune your artwork, stories and ideas. 

  • MASTERCLASS 1: Your Life as Story, Your Work as Story, Your Art as Story. Identify the underlying stories that dictate your Creative Process, and learn how to use the power of Story to shift and re-create your life, work and art, from the inside out. Get skilled at applying Storytelling fundamentals to all your creative projects and connect with your audience more effectively. 
  • MASTERCLASS 2: The Writer's Breakthrough First Aid Kit. Essential Tips & Tricks, Creative Dos & Don’ts, Common Mistakes & Vital Lessons for your Writing Journey. Learn to eliminate the noise, so that your art and truth stand out. The No-BS Exam every good writer should pass. Why take the long road home when you can learn what works and doesn’t from the start? 

4 Weekly Follow-up Videos with helpful creative tips for the journey.  

2 Guided Meditations that will boost your creativity, exercise your imagination & support you in visualizing your creative process. 

1 Q&A Session in which you get to ask us any burning questions and get pro advice on your Creative Process. 

24/7 access to our NEW, mobile friendly, easy to use and private Virtual Classroom.

Unlimited access to our NEW Members-Only Private Facebook Group where you can share your writing in a more informal yet safe and private social-media based setting, and connect with other participants. (Optional)

(Valued at $475)

But wait... there's more... 

Scroll down for some AMAZING BONUSES from our top notch Creative Conspirators. 

Andrea Balt is a Writer, Communication Warrior, Creative Troublemaker & Serial Life Alchemist. She holds a BA in Mass Communication and an MFA in Creative Writing. She is also a holistic health counselor and a certified yoga teacher. 

In the last 5 years Andrea has helped, trained and empowered more than 100,000 people through her writing, teaching, events and sought-after online courses. 

She is a catalyst for inspiring others to rediscover their innate creative superpowers, trust, write and share their stories, brand their art, work and business, and re-create their lives from the inside out.

Andrea is Founder of Write Yourself Alive (you are here), Rebelle Society - A multi-author online hub for Creative Rebels, Creative Rehab - Transformational Art & Adventure Events Around the World, and Warrior Woman Rising - Creative Women's Leadership Events & Trainings. 

She will be teaching the Write Yourself Alive Core Program, as well as upcoming Monthly Masterclasses on Writing, Creativity, Marketing & Branding in the new Write Yourself Alive Private Community - to which you get FREE access until January when you join this program.

Read More: andreabalt.com | Connect: Facebook / Instagram

To celebrate this new season of Write Yourself Alive and launch our new Ongoing Private Membership, we've put together a limited one-time offer with some amazing bonuses from top notch Creatives & Write Yourself Alive Partners in Crime, walking their talk and working hard to turn their life into a work of art.  


EXTRA BONUS #1: The Power of Poetry: Find, Trust & Train Your Poetic Voice & Style. Learn to master poetry as a powerful ally of Creative Communication -- With Tyler Knott Gregson (Valued at $75)

In this workshop, you’ll be getting direct advice, tips, and insight into the poetic process, as well as actionable ideas on how to become a successful poet in this crazy modern age. With two best-selling poetry books and a third on the way, Tyler Knott will help you find ways to overcome writer’s block, become a more consistent writer, and harness the power of social media to start getting new eyes on your words.

Tyler Knott Gregson is a poet, photographer, artist, and author of Chasers of the Light, and All The Words Are Yours, and the soon-to-be-released children’s book North Pole Ninjas, as well as his third volume of poetry, Wildly Into The Dark, and lives in the mountains of Helena, Montana along with his two giant golden retrievers, Calvin and Hobbes. 

When he’s not being struck by lightning or chased by orca whales, he’s traveling the globe and always cooking up new tall tales and wild yarns. 

Read More: TylerKnott.com | Connect: Instagram - Facebook - Twitter


EXTRA BONUS #2: Get Paid to Live: Blogging for Effortless Income that feels Good to You. -- With Jenny Sansouci (Valued at $197)

Get Paid To Live is a 6-week guide and workbook that helps you set up a revenue-generating blog that feels aligned and connected to who you are. We'll cover everything -- setting up your blog and email list, your unique branding, creating the type of content you're best at, step-by-step instructions on creating multiple income streams, and how to make money online (from things you're already doing every day!) without feeling "salesy." You'll walk away with a clear vision of what you want to create, why you want it, and the exact steps to get you there. 

Jenny Sansouci is the publisher of Healthy Crush, a wellness and personal development blog, where she's been blogging and learning all the ins and outs about making money online since 2008. 

She is also a certified health coach and world explorer, currently based in Brooklyn.  

Read More: HealthyCrush.com | Connect: Instagram - Snapchat - Facebook


EXTRA BONUS #3: A Novel A Year: from brilliant idea to brilliant first draft in 12 months. A concise workshop that will show you the actionable steps, tricks and strategies of Novel Creation, -- With author Joshua Humphreys. (Valued at $95)

Starting a novel is one of the easiest things in the world. Finishing a novel is one of the hardest. In this workshop, Joshua is going to show you that it is simply a matter of planning and attitude —and the tricks of the trade that only someone who has repeatedly put themselves through the torturous ordeal and come out largely unscathed and with completed novels in hand can know.

Joshua Humphreys is a writer of novels and essays. He has spent the last four years studying his craft, and has successfully published two novels (and is half way through his third).

He also lectures on Venetian History in Venice, and runs a reading society.

Read More: JoshvaHvmphreys.com | Connect: Instagram - Facebook


EXTRA BONUS #4: The Science of Creativity: Do More of What You Love & Maximize Your Time & Energy Investment. An Actionable & Enjoyable Workshop on Time Management & Doubling Your Productivity. -- With Jeremy Goldberg (Valued at $75) 

Drawing upon multi-disciplinary insights and theories from psychology, sociology, and marketing, Jeremy will show you why you do the things you do and provide you numerous life hacks and tricks to change your way of operating, enhance productivity & establish helpful habits and rituals to help your writing, creativity, and self-expression. 

Jeremy Goldberg is a writer, behavioral science PhD scholar & TEDx speaker. He has spent the past four years studying the science of behavior change. 

He also runs a kindness community, Long Distance Love Bombs, and tries to make kindness revolutionary through his social media platforms and LIVE adventures. 

Read More: longdistancelovebombs.com | Connect: Facebook - Instagram


EXTRA BONUS #5: A FREE initial 3-month membership in the NEW Write Yourself Alive Private Community (until January 5, 2017) -- with additional monthly masterclasses, inspiring guests, 24/7 interaction worldwide & ongoing group support on your writing journey. (Valued at $75)

These extra bonuses are a one-time Opening Offer to celebrate our New Online Community -- and they will not be available again, in this format, after we close enrollment, September 5

If you want to take advantage of these amazing bonuses at much less than what they cost separately, join us TODAY.

  • How much are you currently investing in your creative growth & training?
  • How much do you want your world to expand, your wisdom to deepen, your words to transcend, your skills to improve?  
  • How much do you value an experience that will not just revolutionize your creativity but also give you the tools and the ongoing support to help you evolve in every aspect of your growth & transformation, for months and years to come?  

If we cook a 5-star meal for you, will you join the party? 

Our 30 Days of Writing E-course is known, among other groundbreaking features, for offering a huge amount of value at a price that is accessible to most budgets. 

The total value of the Write Yourself Alive Package we've created for you this fall is valued at $1000, if you purchase all the materials individually. 

But we know this is not accessible to most creators who are in dire need of this experience to get unstuck & start moving RIGHT NOW, so we've worked out some magic and combined our superpowers for a greater cause we deeply believe in: 

Turning Creativity into a Human Right and empowering as many people as possible to stand up for their art, and rewire + train their mind and habits, and create the life they desire.  

We are happy & proud to offer you this program -- ALL INCLUDED -- at an introductory Early Bird Rate of only... 

ONE PAYMENT of $275 ...or... TWO PAYMENTS of $150

= less than the cost of a nutritious lunch for 30 days... + 3 additional months of FREE SOUL FOOD!

Doesn't your creativity deserve at least this much?


Scroll down to select your preferred Program Package & join us ASAP to take advantage of our LIMITED Early Bird Discount. 

We are so confident about the value that this experience will add to your life that we'll gladly issue you a full refund if, once you complete the first 30 days, you believe that this program didn't benefit your creative journey. All you have to do is show us that you did the coursework and fully participated in the experience, and you'll get your investment back.  

You can read more about our 30-day money back guarantee in our Friendly Terms & Conditions + Refund Policy.

This Limited Early Bird discount is only available for the first 4 days of enrollment. It ends Sunday, August 28 (by Midnight PST)...  



The full rate of $350 will be effective starting Monday, August 29. Terms & Conditions apply.

1. WHEN & WHERE? This is an online event, community + e-course. It kicks off with an intensive 30-Day Writing Bootcamp, to get your creative juices flowing. And it continues with a FREE 3-month membership on the NEW Write Yourself Alive Private Community. 

ENROLLMENT IS NOW OPEN and it closes on September 5, the first day of the course. We strongly recommend that you join us ASAP to catch our juicy early bird discount. Enrollment closes September 5, the same day we oficially begin our 30 Days of Writing.  

2. WILL THESE BONUSES STILL BE AVAILABLE AFTER ENROLLMENT CLOSES? No. This is a one-time opening bundle to celebrate the Launch of our New Write Yourself Alive Online Community and Monthly Membership. None of these bonuses will be available through this bundle after September 5. You may still purchase some of them individually at a higher price. 

3. WHAT SPECIFICS DO I NEED TO PARTICIPATE? You can participate in this adventure from anywhere in the world: your home, office, coffee shops, libraries, bookstores or any place in the universe that inspires you to create. All you need is a working connection to the Internet for when you interact or download course materials. All our program materials can be downladed and also enjoyed offline. Our platform is mobile friendly and it can be accessed on any device, including your tablet or phone.

4. I HAVE A BUSY LIFE. CAN I STILL DO THIS? Yes. This program is actually designed to fit into your busy lifestyle and is adaptable to any schedule, anywhere in the world. We strongly recommend that you commit to WRITING EVERY DAY for the first 30 Days, so you can form the habit and get your creativity fired up. But if you fall off track or if you need more than 30 Days to get through the Daily prompts and exercises, you'll get 3 additional months of ongoing support. 

5. HOW MANY HOURS A WEEK DO I SET ASIDE? As much or as little as able. Some of our participants can only set aside 15 minutes a day while others can create for hours. You'll have unlimited access to the course materials, so you can do this program at your own pace, in whatever way, shape or form suits you best, using it as a guide through your Creative Revolution. Nobody has it all. You just learn to make of every opportunity your all. Do what you can with what you have right here & now. The deeper you go into your creative practice & turn it into a priority, the more time and space you'll be able to create for it in your everyday. 

6. WILL I GET INDIVIDUAL FEEDBACK OR ONE ON ONE COACHING WITH THE INSTRUCTORS? We don't offer one-on-one private coaching sessions in this program, but you can always reach out to the instructors individually via email to request a private session, if available. This program has the same format as a regular university class. We'll be reading your words regularly, hanging out with you in the virtual classroom, provide you with general support and and give you as much professional feedback as we can, within a classroom context. In addition, we'll have moderators helping out and making sure we have your back. 

7. WILL I GET FEEDBACK & SUPPORT FROM THE COMMUNITY? Yes. We encourage an active attitude of giving and receiving feedback. The interactions built between our participants and within our community are organic and often, life-changing. The more you give, the more your receive. The more you communicate, the more it comes back to you. We believe in a democratic, organic communication ecosystem, where you are actively encouraged to share, take leadership, help and be helped

8. DO I HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO JOIN? Why wouldn't you? Who are you not to? This challenge is designed to help you create what you can, with what you have, wherever you are, RIGHT HERE and NOW, and come back to life, through unleashing your creativity -- whatever your level of practice or experience. All you need is an open heart, the willingness to (re)commit to your passion, the courage to begin (again), and the perseverance to stick to this new habit for at least 30 days, until your passion to create becomes one of your daily TOP priorities

"The writing has really awakened my heart. I’ve expressed so much of my pain, worked through disappointments and recent events that have shaken me to my core. That has been difficult because life is so interwoven that our fears can choke our dreams. 

Most importantly, it really has shaken my creativity alive. I have found and expressed my voice in a way I haven’t before, about things I have been silent about in the past. It has unlocked new elements of relationships and given me strength to shut the door on others.” 

~ Steve Savides, WYA Alumni ~ August '15

"What a joy this has been and how very valuable to me. It has changed my life in very tangible ways. I lost an unhappy job of 12 years (as if the Muse had said: "Enough already!"), I finished the first draft of a novel I've worked on for four years, I've been writing (almost) every day and absolutely loving it! 

To be a writer has always been the one thing I knew I wanted from life. I cannot tell you how very grateful I am for the kick in the ass!”

~ Padma Thornlyre, WYA Alumni ~ January '15

"This course has been amazing for me...I didn't form a writing habit though I did realize, which was a shock, that my writing like my meditation is best done in the morning before the daily grind has got to me. 

I did write in ways that were much more honest, and reading others' stories inspired me and made me feel less alone in my struggles. I know this course helped me hear my voice better. I can't wait for the next one!"

~ Deborah, WYA Alumni ~ February '16

"My writing self has become more active, like the rumbling of ideas and desire under the surface, occasionally shooting out a little something for the world to see. Now I feel like a volcano on the verge of erupting.  

The more I give, the more I have overtaking my regular life and burning anything that comes between me and my keyboard. I have so much going on in here now, I don't know if I'll live long enough to get it all out, but I'm all over it."

~ Shelly Aspenson, WYA Alumni ~ August '15 

Nothing will change unless you do. Nothing will happen TO you until YOU stand up for your creative mission, dreams & purpose, and begin to consciously and actively happen to life. 

Your writing won't get better unless you take it seriously and turn it into a priority instead of merely an option. Your mind won't expand unless you train it. Your life won't be your own until you start reclaiming your creative power and using it to serve the world by YOU coming alive first. 

Your stars won't randomly align for you, until you get up, take creative action and align them yourself, little by little, every day. 

Your smaller self is not yet ready to be more. Your higher self is already more. Your fear is the only bridge between the two.


Our early bird bridge will be lifted in...


You have two payment options. Choose the one that best adjusts to your needs, say Yes to Your Art & hop on the Unreasonable Writer's Train before it leaves the station.


& get 20% off!



You'll be able to review your order + read & accept our Friendly Terms & Conditions + Refund Policy at checkout.  

Early Bird Rates expire Sunday, August 28, at midnight (PST). Total Cost will be effective August 29 - September 5: One Payment $350 / Two Payments $187

All prices listed are in USD per participant.

If you have a discount voucher or coupon code, you can apply it at checkout.

  • All Core Course Materials: 30 Daily Worksheets, 2 Masterclasses, 1 Q&A Session, 2 Guided Meditations, 4 Weekly Follow-up Videos.  
  • 4 Special Trainings in Marketing & Sales, Novel & Poetry Creation, High Productivity & Online Business.
  •  24/7 access to our 30 Days of Writing virtual classroom.
  • 3-month Extended Membership Access to our NEW private Write Yourself Alive Online Community, continuing after this Program. FREE for you until January 5, 2017
  • Access to our official Members Only Facebook Group for ongoing connection. (Optional) 

Your active participation & communication. We can't do your part. Even at your busiest, you must MAKE some time to feed your soul, nourish your creativity, inspire and get inspired. Something is better than nothing. Something is the only way to everything.

Your attitude. You are the creator of your day, life and circumstances. The way you choose to look at your life determines your actions. Your actions, day by day, create your life. The ultimate responsibility to write is YOURS.  

Your decision to show up every day, and break through your excuses, fear and self-doubt. Your commitment to your practice, to becoming pro at what you love and to creating a life from the sound of your heartbeats. NOBODY ELSE CAN DO YOUR WORK FOR YOU. 

Writers are not people. They are adventures with life and love affairs with language. They create reality with the pen of imagination. 

The only way to be a writer is by constantly, diligently and persistently becoming a writer. 

Say Yes to Your Creative Revolution

Come Write Yourself Alive with us!


Don't let your fear, self-doubt or excuses keep you from beginning. Join us where Creativity meets Curiosity meets Passion...

...and YOU become THE ACTION.


You'll be able to review your order + read & accept our Friendly Terms & Conditions + Refund Policy at checkout. 

Early Bird Rates expire Sunday, August 28, at midnight (PST)

Total Cost effective August 29-September 5: One Payment $350 / Two Payments $187

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